Joris Van Damme – Ik Zal Het U Vertellen (Master 2009)

POSTED IN Luister, Masterproeven 23 september 2011

Joris Van Damme studeerde in 2009 af met dit fictiewerk. Hij won er meteen ook de Prix Europa voor radiofictie mee, de meest prestigieuze mediaprijs in Europa. De jury omschrijft Joris’ werk als volgt: “This witty debut production took the Creation myth and played with it to comic and original effect. The jury were delighted by the blindfold voyage through this thrilling fairy-tale. All of the sound effects were created vocally – in an inventive, radiophonic way. This outstanding programme of Radio Fiction began with a stutter and travelled through brave use of silence to arrive at the voice of God.”

Joris Van Damme (MA2009) – Ik Zal Het U Vertellen

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